Introductions and the Magic of Fairy Tales


Morning Session Introductions

Audio Recording of Morning Introductions

Evening Session Introductions

Audio Recording of Evening Introductions

Other Notes

Remember, we’ll work with The Complete Grimms Fairy Tales, and I highly recommend getting a copy of the book for yourself to read as well.

Our Own Private Forum

I’ve created a private Fairy Tales Forum for us to have conversations and questions between gatherings with each other.

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Introduce Yourself

Please introduce yourself in the introductions topic, and take a look at the other topics currently there. Also check back regularly for new topics added for each fairy tale we review.

I’m so excited to travel this journey with you, deepening into the magic and re-enchanting life together!

Next you can take a look at the three topics in this lesson, including Why Fairy Tales Are Important, Archetypes to Consider, and some great questions asked that are helpful to consider.

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