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Wisdom Revealing Itself

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my journey through life, it’s that wisdom and truth will reveal themselves, but it’s our choice as to whether or not that wisdom becomes embodied.

We may try to hide from wisdom and truth, consciously or unconsciously, but eventually we’re met square in the face with them.

Sometimes what seems like a big “new” understanding is simply wisdom and truth becoming more obvious to more people.

Humanity’s story of oppression, dominance, control and competition can be traced back through thousands of years. We can also trace the various movements toward a different story. The wisdom has always been there, but we’ve struggled to see it and live into it.

Is there something different happening now? God I hope so! 

We’ve known of injustices and inequalities for a long time, but in our knowing, we have yet to collectively and sustainably embody the wisdom that comes from what is revealed to us.

As human beings evolve, so too does consciousness. 

Perhaps now, in these times when so much seems to be coming to the surface, unveiling itself both inwardly and on the global stage, our collective consciousness is ready to embody the wisdom being revealed.  

When I experience wisdom and truth being revealed within me, it’s not “new.” In fact, I often think to myself, “How did I not see or realize this before?” 

Sometimes shame comes with this moment of revelation, a healthy kind of shame that says to me, “You can do better,” and shows me a different way to do things. 

Sometimes that shame makes me want to hide and pretend I didn’t have the revelation that I had. Sometimes it makes me want to find any way I can to make it “right” or make things ok. 

I bounce between extremes, too uncomfortable to sit in the center and experience the fire of the forge or the pressure of the grinding stone that is seeking to polish and hone me into my full humanness. 

They say wisdom comes with age. Is that because we also become more conscious, more aware of life and our role in it? 

Something has changed in me over time. I’m less inclined to try to escape the fire. I’m less longing to run for the hills or avoid the horrific emotions that come with realizing my faults. I’m less likely to defend myself or try to justify my position. I’m more willing to look in the reflective mirrors all around me and see how I too have contributed to the pain and suffering in this world. 

“Dear God make it go away!” I scream to myself in moments when I feel nearly swallowed whole by the pain.  

I’m more willing to stay with the pain, to take that pain and turn it into love and compassion as best I can. I try harder to understand, yet realize how much I still don’t, and may never fully understand.

I am a privileged white mother of two privileged white young men, and I have no concept of how the subtle pain of watching my children grow and go out into the world independently is multiplied exponentially for the black mother who sends her sons out into the world. 

I’ve felt the pain of losing community and feeling I have no where to belong, but I have no understanding of the torn hearts of the Indigenous peoples whose homes were ripped away from them, whose communities were destroyed, and whose brothers and sisters were exterminated. I cannot fathom the pain experienced by the brutality imposed on marginalized people simply because they are “different.”

I’ve visited the depths of despair as my body was treated as some kind of machine that could be “fixed” in surgery after surgery, with exorbitant fee after exorbitant fee from a dysfunctional, seemingly soulless healthcare system, but I’ll never know the rape and destruction imposed on the body of our Great Mother Earth…Every….Single….Day….by her own children.

Yet, She waits. She patiently waits, giving us Her unconditional love and faith, trusting that eventually, in our freedom, we’ll tune into the deep wisdom within us to guide our way.

Mystic Rudolf Steiner speaks of wisdom as being “crystalized pain.” There’s so much wisdom to be revealed and experienced as we pay attention to those who’ve suffered for far too long. 

Perhaps it’s because of our “crystalized pain” that with age comes the wisdom with which we can make different choices and embody a new way of being. 

Maybe our collective humanity is at an “age” in which we’re ready to pay attention to the wisdom being revealed, and sustainably turn the course of life toward the same unconditional love the Great Mother offers us.

And then there’s beauty. 

Beauty seems to be the healing balm that brings me back to my responsibility as a human being to show up, speak up, and rise up out of the old paradigm.

Beauty connects me to love, and that love guides me to see and embody wisdom. 

Even with the unspeakable expressions we’re seeing in the world today, there is beauty.  

There’s beauty in the many ways people are defying separation and coming together in support of life and each other. There’s beauty in the ways people are finding their voices, humbling themselves, and lifting others up. 

The more beauty we can create and be attentive to, the more love we can experience, and the more wisdom we can bring to the surface and embody.

Wisdom guides us. Wisdom shows us what is ailing. Wisdom helps us to see what’s needed, and to act in healing ways. Wisdom brings us to our center, which puts those who are suffering at the center of our attention and focus. 

I’m reminded of the ho’oponopono practice of healing which invites us to repeat the following for the sake of healing:

I’m sorry.

Forgive me.

I love you.

I am grateful.

I will continue repeating these words in hopes of consciously bringing wisdom and healing to the surface, with no agenda other than atonement, forgiveness, love and gratitude toward all of life. 

To my brothers and sisters of color, and all those who are marginalized, I also say:

I see you.

I hear you.

I stand with you.

I love you.

I will do my best to learn, to expand my consciousness, to touch the depths of my inner wisdom, and to pay attention to the wisdom you have to offer us. The seeds of wisdom you carry are ready to sprout.

May we all receive the wisdom that is revealing itself, consciously embody that wisdom, and bring healing to this ailing world.

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