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How To Find Confidence In Your Voice

Confidence In My Voice

First, I’m going to share what my journey with finding confidence in my voice was. 

I grew up feeling like I had a big voice, but it wasn’t okay to express it. Can you relate?

Over the years, many of us as women end up feeling we can’t share our voice, or,  certainly if we have a voice that’s counter to the culture or the commonly accepted opinions, that our voice is often quite diminished.

We get to a point where we wonder why things aren’t happening the way we need them to be. I know for me this was true. 

I wasn’t speaking up for what I needed.

I wasn’t communicating clearly what I needed. 

I was too busy trying to take care of everyone else, and my voice became diminished. 

Over time, I started to realize that if I didn’t find my voice, I would never be able to realize my dreams, find my place in this world, and step forward on the path that my Soul is here to align with.

Having confidence in our voices is really potent. It is the first step toward achieving what we want to achieve.

I believe language is generative. If we’re able to communicate our needs, communicate our vision, communicate what we would like help with, and how we would like help, we can go much further on our path through life, being able to generatively create through our voice, through our words, through what we say and express to others. 

The Middle Way Of Finding Our Voice

The middle way of finding our voice is the middle between two extremes.

On the one hand, we’re talking all the time, just rambling on, feeling awkward in our words, or immediately wanting to have our voice heard. We cut other people off and interrupt, not even noticing we’re doing it as a way to feel heard. 

We’re so desperately longing to feel seen and heard, that our voice is in an awkward space of too much voice.

On the other hand, we feel afraid to be seen, heard, or vulnerable.

We don’t say anything. We hide and we stay removed from our life as a result.

False Power

On the one hand, we have this false sense of power when we’re navigating extremes toward empowerment. That false sense of power says, “I’m going to always say something. I’m going to put my voice in there and be heard,” because it makes us feel better. 

However, it’s not really getting us anywhere because we don’t even feel confident in our voice. 

We’re trying so hard to be heard and say something that we’re just putting it out there because, at the moment, we think it makes us feel better. 

False Powerlessness

Later on, we start to realize, “I still didn’t feel heard. I still didn’t feel like it made a difference or like my voice made an impact, or did anything to move me forward in my life,” and we feel like a victim.

I call this false powerlessness because we have so much more power than we believe we’re capable of when we are in that space of resignation, victimhood, fear, self-doubt, and anxiety. 

This space of false powerlessness says, “My voice doesn’t matter. My voice is not important. I can’t do this. I’m not deserving of this.”

Finding the middle way of confidence in your voice is about navigating those extremes, paying attention to how you show up, paying attention to the times when you knew you wanted to say something but you didn’t, or paying attention to the times when you said so much that you forgot to listen, not just listen to others but listen to your own heart.

Ground and center yourself in your own being, so you can hear what really needs to be spoken. 

May you have great confidence in your voice.

Be sure to leave a comment about what you’re experiencing or not experiencing as you share your voice.

What do you wish could be different?

What are you longing for?

What would it look like for you to find the voice that feels right for you, and that you feel confident in?

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