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How the Feminine Decreases Anxiety

Are you looking for how to feel less anxious, or reduce anxiety? 

In this article I’m sharing Feminine qualities I’ve discovered help decrease anxiety significantly.


Anxiety is such a prevalent challenge today for so many people.  

One of the greatest things I’ve found is that the Wisdom of the Feminine can help us feel less anxious. The power of awareness, diffuse awareness, broad awareness, or the ability to see from multiple perspectives, is one of the Sacred Feminine’s magical gifts. 

We can take that Feminine quality and say, “How can I take a look at this from another perspective?  Maybe there’s a different story I can tell myself, a different viewpoint or vantage point.” 

Stepping back with awareness in this way allows us to see things that don’t feel so anxiety-inducing. Maybe there’s another opportunity to notice something we haven’t been noticing before.

Awareness is a beautiful Feminine quality, and a way for us to begin to lessen our anxiety. 


The Feminine is also incredibly great at being in the flow, while anxiety completely resists the flow. 

Anxiety is a situation of feeling like we’re struggling, suffocating, going up against blocks and barriers, and feeling stuck. 

So how can we step into the flow when we’re feeling anxious? 

We must consider what the Feminine quality of flow is all about. We can ask ourselves, “What would it take to be in the flow right now? How can I step into the flow and allow myself to be carried by the river rather than bumping into the rocks and resisting or holding onto the side? What would I have to do?” By simply being aware of flow and how you might step into it, we begin to explore new possibilities and become less anxious about the current situation we’re in.

With practice, stepping into the flow will become easier. 


Another really powerful tool of the Feminine is the practice of allowing.

Allowing is not the same as agreeing with or taking sides. It’s an acceptance. 

Allowing is to say, “This is what I’m dealing with. This is what I have in front of me. This is life right now and I don’t need to worry about tomorrow.” When we’re allowing, we don’t need to be stuck in the struggle, or even that sense of tension that can come with overly worrying and being caught up in the anxiety of “What if?” 

Instead of “What if this happens,” it starts to become “How can I look at that?” We begin to notice that we have the tools to be with what is rather than resist it.

Similar to allowing is the Feminine concept of surrender. Surrender has the power of being open and receptive to the present moment, allowing whatever happens to happen, allowing ourselves to be free of anxiety. In surrender, we can let go of the tension we’re experiencing in our bodies. 

Emotional Realm

A final way Feminine Wisdom can help us to relax into our anxiety, whether as a reminder or a trigger, is in the realm of emotions. 

The Feminine is so connected to the emotional realm. When we can tap into the emotion that’s underneath the anxiety, we tap into the depths of Feminine Wisdom. The Feminine helps us to go to the depths, and the depths aren’t always fun. It can feel very scary to go there. 

Mythology like the stories of Persephone, the gates of Inanna, and different stories around going to the depths and deepening into our beingness express this challenge, which can sometimes induce anxiety.

Looking at the emotions underneath the anxiety helps us come to greater consciousness and move out of the stuckness anxiety can bring. We can ask:

Am I feeling angry? 

Am I feeling a sense of loss or grief or deep sadness? 

Am I feeling something I remember feeling as a child that’s bringing up an old story for me?

These are beautiful Feminine tools to consider when you’re in the midst of anxiety. Awareness, flow, allowing/surrender, and the emotions underneath it all.

These are just a few simple tools. They won’t turn everything off and make you feel no more anxiety, but it’s beautiful to consider how these Sacred Feminine tools can help us move through anxiety with a little more grace and peace.

For a video version about How to Reduce Anxiety: How the Feminine Decreases Anxiety, watch here:

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