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Are You Tapped Into Your Inner Power?

I’ve been contemplating the question, “What is power?” My contemplations have sent me down a number of exploratory paths. I even received many responses to a survey I conducted to see how others thought of power. There were many different types of responses, and what I could see in the definitions shared was that there …

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How to Expand Time

I’ve been wrestling with my calendar lately, wanting to find a “perfect” schedule to allow me to accomplish my goals in the new year! I’m a single mom of two boys who have a very busy school schedule, along with being an entrepreneur and being responsible for the administration of a non-profit organization, not to …

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What Does True Radiance Look Like?

Last week, I promised to share more thoughts on inner radiance. I invited you to remember that you are a bridge between spirit and matter, and reminded you that as you radiate outwardly, you remain strong and stable, able to navigate whatever life offers you. Since that invitation and reminder, while on my holiday to the Black Hills …

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“Why does it seem so hard? When will things calm down? How much more can I take? I’m getting nothing done, yet doing so much. How can this be?” These are questions that have been coming up a lot recently in conversations I’ve been having with coachees and friends alike. I’ve heard stories of illness, …

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