‘Together With’

More and more, I find myself drawn to the “co” words…collaborate, cooperate, co-create, cohabit, commune, etc.  “Co” is a prefix that means “together with.”  We have become so individuated in our American culture, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Yet now it seems time we begin taking our individual unique gifts and sharing them …

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Celebrating Life

Today I celebrate life…my life, my children’s lives, the lives of those who have touched me, and the life of the earth.  Forty two years ago today, I entered this incarnation.  It’s amazing what can happen in forty two years! I find myself filled with so much gratitude, even for the trials that seemed beyond …

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Meeting Our Reflection

What does it really mean to reflect?  Some formal Webster definitions include: To give back or exhibit, as an image, likeness or outline To make manifest or apparent To realize, consider To think quietly and calmly To express a thought or opinion resulting from reflection To tend to bring reproach or discredit To bring about …

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The Courage of Conscience: Part 2

Many people were provoked by and/or resonated with the concepts shared in my previous article, The Courage of Conscience.  This response, combined with the fact that the virtue for this month is Courage (see Astro-Sophia), has inspired me to continue this conversation about the courage of conscience, using the terms conscience, authenticity and morality interchangeably. …

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The Surprising Irony of Letting Go

Frequently we hear the notion that letting go is “required to reduce stress,” “necessary to experience true joy,” “a key to enlightenment,” or some other enticing idea filled with importance.   What does it really mean to let go?  What is missing for us if we cannot let go?  Trust?  Faith?  Confidence?  Acceptance?  Perhaps it’s …

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