Building Resilience

Building Resilience

Thursday, June 30, 2022

9am MT to 12m MT, 11am to 2pm ET
Intensive Workshop Limited to 8 Women

Taming Dragons, Creating Peace

Let's build resilence to move through the 2nd half of the year and beyond!

Too often we come to "dragon season" in the Autumn, and find ourselves caught off guard as we try to harvest the fruits produced from the seeds planted during the prior Sacred Nights of Winter (via our year's intentions, deep insights, and holy commitments) only to be faced with challenge upon challenge.

Why is that?

That's what this workshop will look at. We'll be looking at not only "why" for most human beings, but "why" for you specifically. We each have our own blocks that keep us from realizing our dreams, and that's why this workshop is only for 8 women ready to dive deeply into the psyche and gather the most amazing bouquet of wildflowers to tame our dragons with.

Yes, wildflowers!

Wildflowers of the most magnificent gifts, treasures, virtues, skills, healing powers and authentic strength to support us in taming our dragons.

We're taming, not destroying the dragons. We need to learn to make them work for us, see them as gifts for our development, and build the resilience to stay centered, stable and strong in facing them.

We'll work together exploring how to build plenty of resilience as a group and as individuals, ready to face whatever may come to stand in the way of realizing our vision...and you know those dragons will show up!

Only $100 and Only 8 Spots Available for this Powerful Intensive

This journey will be empowering for you if:

  • You’re tired of being tired, overwhelmed, stressed and/or anxious
  • You’re ready to dive deep and cultivate sustainable methods to be strong within yourself
  • You’re standing at a threshold of transition in your life, longing for inspiration and wisdom to move forward
  • You’re longing to have tools and awareness to meet the challenges as they come without getting bowled over by them
  • You crave the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine, but without all the excessive goddessy/priestessy stuff or the hard core feminist approach
  • You long for a community of kindred Souls building resilience together
  • You also long for some personalized support for your specific challenges, and love the idea of direct support from Kim Marie, as well as tapping into the wisdom of a circle of women ready and willing to support you

Only $100 for this 3 Hour Workshop with Personalized Attention

Throughout our journey we'll explore:

  • What true resilience looks like
  • The blocks that get in the way of moving forward
  • How to tame the inner dragons (i.e. the blocks) that keep us from our dreams, and put them to work for us
  • How to stop the tug-of-war that keeps us stuck in indecision
  • Unique tools and guidance for coping and standing strong in the face of challenges
  • Diving Deeper into the realm of the Soul for the sake of aligning with our True Nature

Plus you'll receive:

Balance-and-Empowerment-Cards-Display 92sm

My Balance & Empowerment Cards

These free downloadable cards, included immediately upon registration, are a powerful tool for cultivating resilience. We'll be referencing them in the workshop, and you can use them immediately upon registering to get a head start!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the workshop fee?

The fee for Building Resilience is $100 for 3 hours of intensive, deep dive work. 

You'll receive the benefit of both group coaching and connection, and also individualized support on your specific challenges. That's the benefit of limiting this workshop to only 8 women!

You'll also receive the recording to refer to later, as well as worksheets to download.

And of course, you build resilience!

How long is the workshop?

We will begin promptly at 9am MT, 11am ET, 8am PT, and the gathering will last for 3 hours until 12pm MT, 2pm ET, 11am PT. 

There will be breaks and energizers to keep us from getting "zoomed out," and those will be great tools for building resilience too!

What is the format of the journey?

We'll be gathering as a small group of no more than 8 women on Zoom (you'll be sent a link upon registration) promptly at 9am MT. 

We'll be creating a safe, nurturing space together to support you in cultivating resilience both in community with other women, and for yourself as an individual.

This will include group coaching, as well as individualized attention for each person.

The workshop is a potent way to re-align ourselves and stay on track toward our vision as we cross the mid-point in the year. 

Do I need to prepare for this event in any way?

You'll want to download the free Balance and Empowerment Cards you'll be sent upon registration and print them before the workshop so you have them for easy reference.

Please bring a journal you can take notes and write your reflections in, along with some writing utensils.

I am also asking that you have water to stay hydrated, and a candle with some matches to light together in opening our gathering.

I may also be sending some worksheets ahead of time for you to download and print.

Other than that, please plan to have all distractions turned off or silenced, and ensure that you are in a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for 3 hours. This is not something to be participating in while doing other tasks. 

Take time to set yourself in a good mindset of openness, willingness to dive deep, and readiness to support other women on the journey with you.

Will there be a recording?

This is definitely an event you'll want to be at to get the most out of.  

Additionally, there will be a recording so that you can refer to the material at any time in the future, revisiting the exercises and tools we'll be going through. 

Please plan to fully participate in the journey to get the most out of it.

Summer Solstice Host 72

About Your Guide:

Kim Marie is a Women's Empowerment Coach supporting her clients to awaken their inner wisdom and transform their lives.

Resilience is a topic Kim has been intimate with on her journey through divorce, single parenthood, business building, illness, and more. Without building resilience, Kim's journey would've been quite different, and her continued cultivation of resilience is what keeps her going strong!

Through her powerful mentoring, programs, courses, and retreats, as well as her group coaching program, Solace, Kim brings a unique, and sometimes magical, blend of ancient wisdom, archetypes, Soul-led leadership, and practical spirituality to support visionary women (and a few who don't identify as women) longing to stop betraying themselves by compromising who they are.

Kim supports women to remember who they are, reconnect to what matters most, and rebirth themselves into the life of freedom they envision.

Yes, please register me for Building Resilience!

Space is limited, so register today!
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