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Rising Empowered: Are You Ready?

When I began writing Inner Power Tools, my intention was to offer you a weekly gift of support toward empowerment, a gift that would bring...
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A Healer of Healers

What exactly is a healer? By definition, a healer is one who would “cause (a wound, injury, or person) to become sound or healthy again.” ...
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The Song In Your Heart

We go about our days, often in the same routine, day in and day out. You wake up. You have your morning routine. You begin...
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Alchemy: The Essential Science of Our Time

Many people think about alchemy as being something connected with the chemistry efforts to change base metals into gold. I like to think of it...
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Heartbreak: An Essential Tool

We are living in a culture of quick fixes, convenience  and avoidance of pain at all costs.  We can see on the political stage, in...
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Passion: A Journey of Transformation

Religious Roots of Uncertainty and Confusion I grew up both Catholic and Methodist in the Christian Tradition, one parent of each religion, and both parents...
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Cultivating Love

Our sun has just entered the constellation of Pisces.  This is astronomically true, according to the sidereal zodiac, as opposed to astrologically according to our...
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Reflecting Upon Life's Reflections

You have likely heard the idea that we are all mirrors for one another. I certainly didn’t think of this idea as being valuable when...
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The Magic of Music: Are You Listening?

This week, I was blessed to be gifted twice with tickets to wonderful musical events, an exceptional string quartet, and the outstanding voices of rising...
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What Is Happiness?

This is a huge question, and there are probably as many answers as there are unique individuals on this planet!  Yet I believe there is...
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What Are We Listening To?

In recent weeks, I’ve been finding myself frequently asking the question, “What is being listened to?” I’ve been asking this question of myself, and wondering...
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Responding in the Face of Fear

This past week, there was a shooting in the neighborhood adjacent to my sons’ school.  The school was placed on lockdown, and parents were sent...
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