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Enabling Circumstaces

I have loved this time of year since I was a child.  There’s something magical about the quality of the light, the smell in the...
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Mother’s 12 Keys to Happiness (Part 2)

While experiencing the tribal community and it’s joy and connectedness during my visit to North Dakota, I felt deeply connected to the Great Mother, and...
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Mother’s 12 Keys to Happiness

I just returned from a life altering journey to North Dakota, where hundreds of indigenous tribes from around the world have come together to protect...
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The Courage to Listen

Something in the soul burns. You feel it, but do you listen? Our ego or lower self might seem to know all the answers and...
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The Journey of the Soul

  I have begun teaching my Wisdom of Fairy Tales class again this fall, filled with insightful, wise women who make the conversation so rich....
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Generational Healing

  So many of us mothers have one common concern:  Are we doing enough to set our children up for success and keep them from...
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The Devil on Your Shoulder

You know that cartoon that shows the choice between the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other? It’s supposed to represent the...
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It’s Time

This past spring, I began hearing whispers in my ear that kept saying, “It’s time.” These whispers have been getting louder and louder as the...
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What Does True Radiance Look Like?

Last week, I promised to share more thoughts on inner radiance. I invited you to remember that you are a bridge between spirit and matter, and reminded...
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Remember Your Inner Radiance

As I drive toward the Black Hills of South Dakota for a week of precious camping time with Mother Nature and my boys, I send...
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A New Story: Quiet the Victim, Be the Creator

A sigh of relief. Smiles for all. A deep sense of fulfillment and joy. This was the experience I had this past week as I...
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“Why does it seem so hard? When will things calm down? How much more can I take? I’m getting nothing done, yet doing so much....
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