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A Guided Interactive Journey to Align with Your Soul &
Find the Empowered Woman Within You

What is your Soul longing for?

Despite our best efforts to stay true to ourselves, we find ourselves wandering.

  • We buy into the idea that if we just keep trying harder, everything will be ok.
  • We have a nagging feeling that we’re not quite ourselves, but we don’t know why.
  • We feel drained, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or isolated.
  • Nothing feels right, as if there’s something else we’re supposed to be experiencing.
  • We feel dissatisfied, discontent, and unfulfilled.
  • We’re stuck in patterns and habits that aren’t serving us.
  • We long for clarity and connection.
  • We want more meaning in our life, and the vitality we used to have but struggle to find.

Select from 3 options, each with single or monthly payment options.

1. Solace Program Only: $75/month or $750/year
2. Solace Program + 1 Monthly Private Coaching Session: $195/month or $2,250/year
3. Solace Program + 2 Monthly Private Coaching Sessions: $325/month or $3,750/year

Solace is currently closed for enrollment.
Be sure to join the waitlist to be notified when enrollment opens again.

Our Souls are crying out for Solace


Solace is comprised of two words, Sol + Ace.
Sol is the “Sun personified,” and could be thought of as our “Inner Light.”
Ace is “one,” or, in its verb tense, “to score.”
So we can think of Solace as

“Being one with our Inner Truth” or

“Arriving at our Inner Truth.”

When your Soul knows Solace, you are:

  • Aligned with your True Self, without anxiety.
  • Expressing & communicating effectively.
  • Connected to what’s most important.
  • Transforming & releasing what’s not working.
  • Compassionate and loving.
  • Open to new possibilities and perspectives.
  • Navigating life’s challenges, with wise decisions.
  • Manifesting your creative inspirations.
  • Engaged in healthy relationships.
  • Being a great role model to your children.
  • Able to set and maintain clear boundaries.
  • Reintegrating stuck/hidden parts of yourself.
  • Effective in your work in the world.
  • Generating healthy habits and patterns.
  • Tuned into your Inner Wisdom with clarity.
  • Filled with vital energy for your quality life.
  • Feeling joy, peace, empowerment and fulfillment.

Solace is a journey to come Home to your Self

It's a path that keeps us from ignoring the deeper parts of ourselves, supports us to step into the flow of life rather than forcing things to happen, and helps us to align with the Sacredness that life is meant to be filled with. Solace connects us to the Sacred Feminine. All life is born of the Feminine, and if we want to live a sustainably nourished and empowered life, we must go to the Source. We must be willing to step away from the noise of the external world, and turn inward into the depths and darkness of our being. Solace cures our soul-sickness, bringing practicality to spirituality, and guiding us to rebirth into the life we envision for ourselves.


What is the Solace Program?


In today’s culture, we’re plagued by feelings of isolation, overwhelm, unworthiness, fear, and a painful soul-sickness that flares up regularly in our longing to create a life of meaning, fulfillment and peace.


Solace: Wisdom Rising in Love, Life and Leadership is a path of wisdom and empowerment.

On this spiral path, we regularly visit aspects of our journey toward rebirthing, peeling away the layers of all that doesn’t serve us in order to embody the Solace of our Soul.

You’ll experience a connection deep in your Soul to wisdom and empowerment that many people never experience in their entire lifetime. You’ll learn to sustainably turn your true essence inside out, and radiate your gifts into the world with confidence.

Much like the Water of Life, the Solace Journey traverses 4 stages through which you’ll come to experience deep nourishment, wholeness and alignment with your own inner Wisdom and Power.

Option 1:
Solace Program Only

Option 2:
Solace Plus 1 Personal Monthly Coaching Session

Option 3:
Solace Plus 2 Personal Monthly Coaching Sessions

You'll Journey Through These 4 Stages:


The first stage of Solace is in Remembering who you are.

Before the Water of Life offers its nourishment, there are many tributaries that are scattered about. Some are running fast and furiously, while some trickle, nearly dry and stagnant.

In this first stage of the journey, you’ll come to see the various ways you define yourself, and begin to clear away the confusion, doubt, indecision, and fear that block you so you can align with your true power and the flow of life.


Eventually, the tributaries come together, making their way to the river. As you experience Solace in this stage, you’ll begin to break old patterns, have control over your emotions, and make peace with the unknown.

This stage of Reconnecting brings a stronger connection with your Inner Wisdom, allowing you to relate better with others and the world around you. You’ll begin to feel more supported, confident and alive, ready to move toward manifesting the vision you have for your life.


In the Re-envisioning stage of the Journey to Solace, the river flows into the ocean of possibility.

In this stage, you’ll get a taste of the new possibilities that you’ve previously been too afraid or overwhelmed to step into.

As you swim in the warm ocean of the Mother’s Love, you’ll find yourself feeling nourished, connected and empowered, able to act upon your dreams, and share your gifts with the world in the final stage of the journey.


Remembering who you are, connected to your purpose with a clear vision for the life you want, you’ll enter the stage of Rebirthing.

At this stage, you’ll find more strength and freedom to move through life’s challenges. You’ll begin to experience life in a new way, with a new you, and without hesitation to share your unique gifts that the world so desperately needs.

The ocean of possibility within you is lifted to the sky, gathering its moisture to rain down upon the Earth with renewed Life that benefits all. You feel more on purpose, fulfilled and empowered.

Cycling through the seasons and rhythm of the year, each stage offers steps along our own Soul's Journey, a beautiful blend of the Hero's Journey and the Heroine's Journey.

Stage 1 of the Journey - Spring

Remember Who You Are

In Stage 1, we set the foundation for the journey. We will learn what it means to remember, and why it’s important. We’ll discuss what blocks us on our path, and how to overcome the dams and barriers that get in our way. We’ll learn to work with archetypes as guidance on the path and connect to our inner Sacred Feminine and inner Sacred Masculine. This stage is about building a relationship to all parts of ourselves so we can smoothly move forward on our journey to Solace. Archetypally, this stage connects with Spring.

Step 1 on the Path

  • Cultivating Courage
  • Letting Go
  • Recognizing Our Uniqueness
  • Learning the Truth
  • Our Inner Seed Quickening

Step 2 on the Path

  • Practicing Discernment
  • Connecting to Source
  • Hearing the Call 
  • Honoring the Truth
  • Grounding Into What Will Become

Step 3 on the Path

  • Connecting to Love
  • Surrendering to Source
  • Resistance to Our Path
  • Accepting the Truth
  • Connecting to Equinox Balance

Stage 2 of the Journey - Summer

Reconnect to Your Values

Stage 2 asks us to connect with what matters most. We'll connect to our core values, and understand the cost of disconnection. We’ll cultivate new relationships with our emotions as messengers of the Soul. Boundary setting and nourishment are key elements in the reconnecting stage. We’ll also look at how to best align with our true purpose. Archetypally, this stage connects with Summer.

Step 4 on the Path

  • What Are You Devoted To?
  • Facing Our Shadows
  • Connecting to Wise Guidance
  • Seeing the Truth
  • New Light and Life

Step 5 on the Path

  • Being in Integrity
  • Dealing with Guilt/Shame
  • Crossing a New Threshold
  • Hearing the Truth
  • Feeling the Ground Beneath Us

Step 6 on the Path

  • Persevering Through Challenges
  • Willingness to Heal
  • Facing Trials, Allies and Enemies
  • Speaking the Truth
  • Opening to Full Ripening Light

Stage 3 of the Journey - Autumn

Re-envision What's Possible

Stage 3 helps us to re-envision what’s possible for our lives, declaring what we want and moving into that new vision. We learn to shift from fear to faith, and manage stress more effectively. In this stage, we’re truly starting to embody Solace and step into new possibilities. Archetypally, this stage connects with Autumn,

Step 7 on the Path

  • Experiencing Catharsis
  • Removing Self-Destructive Behavior
  • Reaching our Innermost Depths
  • Loving the Truth
  • Early Harvest & Preparation

Step 8 on the Path

  • Compassion Brings Freedom
  • Owning Our Mistakes
  • Dying to Become
  • Serving the Truth
  • Forging Our Sword of Truth

Step 9 on the Path

  • Cultivating Kindness
  • Making Amends
  • Receiving the Treasure
  • Living the Truth
  • Taming the Dragons

Stage 4 of the Journey - Winter

Rebirthing Your True Self

Stage 4 shows us the elements of rebirthing and freedom. We connect with our innermost strengths and challenges. We’ll connect to true happiness and learn to fuel the new vessel we are birthing. In this rebirthing stage, we learn to be the leading character in our lives with grace and conviction aligned with our Soul. Archetypally, this stage connects with Winter.

Step 10 on the Path

  • Finding Equanimity
  • Staying On the Path
  • Reconciling Past / Facing Future
  • Working with the Truth
  • Thinning the Veil

Step 11 on the Path

  • Practicing Patience
  • Improving Divine Sourcing
  • Resurrecting
  • Walking in Truth
  • Gratitude and Anticipation

Step 12 on the Path

  • Practicing Self Control
  • Taking Our Gifts to the World
  • Bringing forth Healing
  • Gratitude for & Being in Truth
  • Aligning with Truth

What's Included?

Solace is a 12 Month Journey to
your True Empowered Self.
The Solace program includes:

  • Guided Practices & Exercises, proven to create new patterns, and awaken the Inner Wisdom of your True Self.
  • Monthly Wisdom Teachings, available in the learning area on your timeline. Recorded video and written teachings will offer themes like courage, compassion, patience, discernment, meeting and overcoming challenges, communicating effectively, how to see and move beyond what keeps you stuck, and vulnerably sharing your True Self with others.
  • 2 Monthly 90 Minute Live Wisdom Circles with Q&A and Group Coaching during which you’ll be able to share specific challenges you’re facing, learn from the challenges of others, ask questions about the learning material, and receive added guidance and support from Kim Marie. Circles will be the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month online, at 10:00 am MT, 9 am PT, 12 pm ET, 6 pm CE. These are a favorite among Solace Sisters.
  • Intimate Connection & Conversation with others longing for Soul Solace, and ready to step into their True Selves. The group program offers true community and connection with kindred Souls on the journey to encourage you.
  • Private Online Community Forum for encouragement, conversation and support between Wisdom Teachings and live calls to help you sustainably stay nurtured, connected and empowered.
  • Nurturing Experiential Learning that will support you to enhance your self-care and embody a stronger, clearer, and more empowered you.
  • Recordings of All Teachings & Calls, available for listening at your leisure.
  • Special bonuses and added teachings through the year.

3 Options to Prioritize Solace this Year

Select Group Only, Group plus 1 Monthly Personal Coaching Session, or Group plus 2 Monthly Personal Coaching Sessions

For over a decade, Kim Marie has been supporting women to find Solace within their Soul, and awaken the Inner Wisdom that allows for a life aligned with full potential and peace.

Kim trained as an Ontological Coach with Newfield Network in 2009. Coaching serves as the perfect platform for Kim to blend her diverse background in the realms of corporate, military, non-profit, government, and small business cultures, with the work of human development, life/family/vocational balance, soul-making, and personal and professional leadership.

Kim’s passion for transformational learning and development is expressed through a unique blend of archetypal wisdom, character strengths, esoteric and indigenous wisdom, and habit-breaking programs that empower individuals to break the chains of old patterns and conditioning, and become not only their best Selves, but also effective leaders. The magic of this process is that they also become a true Self-Leader, confident in who they are, committed to what they value, and able to create meaningful change.

About Your Journey Guide

Smiling on Summer Rock 92sm

My Promise

When you register for Solace, you’ll have the opportunity to end your subscription after one month if you are not satisfied with the experience.

However, I am confident that if you commit to at least one year on this journey, you will experience life and yourself in new ways that generate sustainable, healthy, and positive transformations for your Soul.

Questions and Answers

Why is this a 12 month commitment?

Solace is a journey to our depths. As Human Beings, we are not simply a part of Nature, we are Nature, and we unfold according to the rhythms of Nature. Solace follows the 12 months of the year, journeying through the seasons and our corresponding unfolding. True transformation requires steady practice and commitment in order to obtain sustainable results.

The program is ongoing, cycling through the 4 stages and 12 steps again and again from new perspectives of who we’re becoming, and you’re welcome to stay as long as you find the program supportive. I ask that you commit to at least one full cycle of the journey.

What are the monthly wisdom teachings?

The wisdom teachings include videos, downloadable worksheets, audio meditations, practices and exercises, all designed to support you in embodying the teachings of Solace. Items will be regularly added to the learning space, and will continue to support and nourish you for years to come.

Teachings are based on proven methods and that help you to break old patterns and create new stories for yourself. The teachings honor the cycle of the year, and our unfolding within it. Each month has a theme. If you participated in Kim Marie’s Sacred Nights of Winter, this was a taste of some of the theme work we will be diving into.

Should I consider private coaching in addition to the Solace program?

Each person has their own individual challenges. There is nothing more powerful than having supportive new perspective to help you see things in new ways, and make shifts that are unique to you and your life circumstances.

Having private coaching sessions supports you with your specific journey, and allows for more personalized guidance and support as you need it.

This need is for you to determine, but please reach out for a complimentary conversation if you'd like to talk about what feels best for you.

How much time is required to participate in Solace?

There will be 1.5 to 2 hours of Wisdom Teaching material each month, as well as our two monthly group coaching circles of 1.5 hours each. I will offer exercises and practices with the monthly lessons. You can spend as much or as little time on these as you like. I might plan for about one hour per week in total, spread throughout the week. You can also plan to spend a bit of time checking in to the Solace community area to share, encourage, ask questions, etc.

That adds up to about 8 hours per month or so. You will benefit significantly if you only stay connected with the material by reading/listening to the lessons, even without doing all the exercises and/or practices. It is your journey, and you can make it what you wish, though you’ll get the most out of it if you’re devoted to the process, creating regular Solace time for yourself, and sharing in the group.

What if I want to join in the middle of the year?

You can join Solace anytime! While there is a basic foundation of information, such as the 4 Stages and the 12 Steps within them, the material is all there in the learning area to refer back to if you’re starting part way through a cycle of these stages.

The reality is that this journey is not linear. You might be joining exactly when you need to based on your personal journey. You will have the ability to ask questions if you aren’t feeling like you’re familiar with something, and to refer back to the lessons that have been shared prior to your joining.

My only request is that you give this a true chance and commit to a full year, i.e. 12 steps, of walking this journey so that you can experience the full effects of the learning and the practice. Please don’t enroll if you aren’t ready to stay with this journey to Solace for at least 12 months. During your membership in the program, take full advantage of connecting with the community, reviewing the learning material, being supported by the monthly group coaching Wisdom Circles, and asking any questions you have along the way.

One quick tip for mid-year joiners: Take the time to at least review the lessons that detail the Stages of the journey upon entering the program. For instance, if you join in July when we are entering Stage 3 of the journey, take a moment to go back and look at the Stage 1 and Stage 2 lesson content. It will be helpful in offering you more tools and wisdom to support you in your Stage 3 efforts. We are all in all stages, all the time in some domain or another of our life. Trust the process. You can review the Step lessons too, but they are less foundational to the work than the Stage lessons.

What if I miss a group coaching call?

While you’ll miss out on the live experience of participation, if you have to miss a gathering, I’ve got you covered. You’ll receive a recording of the teachings, along with copies of any materials shared.

If you know you can’t make a circle ahead of time, you’re welcome to let me know any questions you might want answered, and I’ll make sure the answers or conversation about your input is in the recording for you.

What is your refund policy?

You are committing to a 12 month program, and I ask that you sincerely commit to the work involved in taking this journey to Solace and give it a fair chance to show it’s benefits. However, if you find yourself dissatisfied with the program for any reason after one month, you can cancel your subscription. After that, if there are extenuating circumstances, I will work with you to understand and do what works best for you.

Please know that extenuating circumstances are rare, and you should only sign up for this program if you are truly committed to making significant shifts in your life and embodying your True Self.

If you do the work in the program, ask for support along the way, and show up fully, I’m completely confident you will feel fulfilled and nourished, and find yourself embodying your True Self more every day.

As a group, we rely on each other for support, connection and encouragement, and no refunds or partial refunds will be offered for leaving the program.

Can I stay in Solace more than one year?

Because Solace is a spiraling, living journey, there are significant benefits to continuing the journey beyond one cycle of a year.  

Each time one experiences the Solace journey, they are different individuals. Each Solace lesson is "living" in that it grows and changes as you grown and change. In repeating the journey, you deepen into the Soul connection, seeing and understanding things you didn't see or understand the first time.  

All of my work is designed to allow you to deepen more and more as you go through the work again. There's also the benefit of continuing to build and connect in community. 

Some women have been in the program for many years, and still find it to be transformative. I've intentionally made this program affordable so it can become part of your regular self-care and self-expansion.

What if I have other questions I need answered?

If you have questions about joining the program, you can contact Kim Marie at [email protected].

During the program, you’ll have access to a private group, the Solace Circle, that’s only for participants of the Solace program. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with other courageous people stepping into their power and wisdom.

The Solace Circle is a great place to share progress and successes, ask questions, and engage in contemplation around each week’s topics. It’s super motivating and nurturing to have people connecting between Wisdom Teachings and Group Coaching Calls to help you stay on the path, and Kim Marie will be there regularly to support you!

What Others Have Experienced

Enroll in Solace today and step into the most
empowered, full potential within you.

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