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Sacred Nights of Winter Journal 2023

Sacred Nights of Winter


Imagine transforming the darkest nights of the year into a journey of

Peace, Renewal and Magic

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This isn't just a journal - it's a complete experience.
Your purchase includes stunning 100+ page full-color journal, access to an enriching online community with nightly guidance, and the invaluable opportunity to nurture your Soul during the Sacred Nights of Winter and beyond.

The Map for Your Soul's Journey Is Waiting For You

Sacred Nights of Winter Journal - Living Aligned with Nature; Holiday Journal; Holy Nights Journal; Christmas Journal; Spiral Bound Sacred Nights of Winter Journals (group of 4) with pinecone held in hands on the cover
Sacred Nights of Winter Journal: Living Aligned with Nature; Nature Journal; Winter Journal, Holy Nights Journal, Holiday Journal, Christmas Journal

Every year brings a treasure map for your Soul, waiting to be discovered during the 13 Sacred Nights of Winter, also known as the Holy Nights. This map is designed to align you with your true path and provide guidance to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Winter nights hold a unique enchantment - a time when the world hushes into peaceful stillness, and the darkness offers a canvas for deep introspection and personal growth. Yet, it's easy to fell disconnected, overwhelmed, or yearning for something more during this season.

This is where the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal comes in.

Through intentional Winter journaling during the darkest, most mystical nights of the year, your Soul will open up to you and reveal a roadmap to help you navigate not only the depth of Winter's opportunity for self-discovery and empowerment, but also the coming year with grace.

As the snow falls and the stars twinkle above, this journal becomes your trusted companion. It is more than just pages waiting for your words. It's a gateway to your Inner Wisdom, a path to strengthening your intuition, and a guide to aligning your life with your Soul's true purpose.

This year's Sacred Nights of Winter Journal theme is
Living Aligned with Nature

Many of us yearn for a deeper connection with Nature, a longing to live in harmony with its rhythms and cycles. Yet, few truly understand Nature’s intricate patterns and principles.

If we want to truly live in harmony with Nature, then we must first understand the principles of Nature and how to live in connection and flow with them.

This year's Sacred Nights of Winter Journal will take you on a journey to understand, align with, and embody Nature's Way within you so that you can live aligned with Nature, and thrive in abundance, peace, and empowerment.

As part of this transformative journey, you'll also gain access to our private online sanctuary, the Sacred Nights of Winter Circle. This is a nurturing space far removed from the noise and distractions of social media, where you'll receive Nightly Oracle card drawings, supplemental video teachings, and a supportive community of kindred Soul's consciously embarking on the Sacred Nights of Winter journey.

The Sacred Nights of Winter Journal is more than a journal; it's your key to unveiling the sacred, the mystical, and the transformative within you. Step onto this empowering journey and embrace the magic of Winter while aligning your life with Nature's abundance.

Start Your Winter Transformation Now

Includes a Private Community Space with Additional Nightly Guidance, Support & Connection, plus Free Shipping in the U.S.!

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Note: Journals will be ready for download and begin shipping by mid November.

An Annual Ritual of Peace, Renewal & Magic

Drawing inspiration from an array of wisdom traditions—Indigenous Wisdom, the Sacred Feminine, Archetypal and Eco Psychology, Anthroposophy (wisdom of the human being), Astrosophy (wisdom of the stars), Mythology, and the wisdom of Mother Nature—I’ve designed this journal to bring you solace, peace, and practical tools to support your journey through the coming year.

Many practices during this time focus on planning the new year with new resolves. While this is valuable, solely focusing on planning often overlooks other essential elements necessary for our life’s healthy unfolding.

Our Souls yearn for rituals that honor their profound wisdom.

The Sacred Nights of Winter journal works not only to consider your vision for the new year but also to bring you personalized guidance and inner clarity. It helps you rediscover the enchantment of life, replacing seasonal blues with inner peace, joy, and serenity.

The veil is thinnest during the Sacred Nights of Winter, and the Spiritual World is craving to offer us support in a world often fraught with turmoil. By pausing to listen through this potent and prophetic Winter journaling practice, we can step into the fulfilling and empowered life we envision for ourselves.

As you tap into your Inner Wisdom
during these 13 Sacred Nights of Winter, you will:

Sacred Nights of Winter Journal Wisdom; Reaching for Wisdom of Evergreens; Winter Journaling Beauty
  • Connect with Self-Trust and the power of Nature
  • Amplify your intuition and develop an enhanced ability to listen to its messages
  • Align confidently with your Soul’s deepest needs and longings
  • Prepare for the coming year, purifying what stands in the way of your Soul’s true path
  • Reconnect with the magic and mystery of life
  • Replace seasonal depression and anxiety with inner peace, joy and calm
  • Feel renewed, nourished and enlivened
  • Cultivate connection and belonging with yourself, others, and Spirit
  • Discover more about who you are and what your purpose is
  • Develop a deeper resonance with what is Sacred
  • Create a map to guide you through the coming year’s challenges and opportunities
  • Open to Nature's grace and abundance
  • Unlock the transformative power within you

What are the Sacred Nights of Winter, and why are they important?

Nearly every wisdom tradition has a “Festival of Light” that honors the light of the Sun, and the light within the human being, a light indicative of the Divine Spirit within each of us, longing to be birthed in its highest potential.

The Sacred Nights of Winter have been given various names, including, among many others, the Holy Nights, the Time Between the Years, and the Nights of the Mothers.

These darkest nights of Winter celebrate the return of the light following the shortest day of the year, Winter Solstice. They also celebrate the connection to the Light within ourselves and others.

The festivals of Christmas and Yuletide can be seen as an archetypal representation of the birth of the Spirit-Self within each of us, a Sacred Birth indeed.

During this time when the connection between the Earthly realm and the Spiritual realm is most potent, we're offered a drop of that Spirit Self to tend and nurture within us.

When nurtured with attention and care, these magical nights can help us to align with our true Spiritual intentions.

The Sacred Nights of Winter Journal offers additional detail about these nights and the potential they offer us each year, supporting you to work with them consciously and wisely.


Learn More About the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal
& See Sample Pages

How Does the Sacred Nights of Winter Journaling Work?

The Sacred Nights of Winter journal, a visually stunning, spiral-bound collection of roughly 100 pages, is designed to ignite your senses and soothe your Soul.

Living Aligned with Nature is the theme for the 2023-2024 journal.

Each day you’ll be given journaling prompts and inspirational contemplations designed to deepen connection to your own Inner Wisdom. You’ll explore your nightly dreams, observe each day’s unfolding and activity, deepen into the journal theme, and connect with potent zodiacal influences present each night.

As each night corresponds to a month in the year, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on the past month associated with that night and envision the same month in the upcoming year—a beautiful ritual for reflection and renewal.

The Sacred Nights of Winter Journal is a journey toward self-awareness and an awakening of the Soul.

BONUS: When you receive your journal order confirmation, you’ll also be invited into the included Sacred Nights of Winter Circle. In this serene haven away from the noise of life, you'll receive additional teachings, meditations, prayers, and contemplations from Kim Marie daily throughout the Sacred Nights of Winter to inspire a deeper connection to your True Self and Highest Potential.

Sharing this journey with others enhances its transformative power. Consider gifting this meaningful journal to loved ones also on a path to awakening their Inner Wisdom.

Make Yourself a Priority this Holiday Season
You’ll be glad you did!

Order before October 31st for Pre-Order Pricing

Note: Journals will be ready for download and begin shipping by mid November.

Praise for the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal

Melissa Michaels Sacred Nights of Winter Testimonial“I want to deeply honor your Sacred Nights of Winter journal work and your leadership through it. Your voice, your wisdom, your depth, your Divine love all stream through those pages. Thank you. The journal is healing, uplifting, guidance full, soft and open, potent and grounded. Thank you for honoring the Sacred Feminine so fully in how you show up and in what you offer to the world.”

~ Melissa Michaels - Boulder, CO

Sacred Nights of Winter Journal Testimonial Michele W

"I never experienced my usual depression during this time of year, and found that by the end of the process, my plans for the new year had nearly written themselves."

~ Michele W. - Eureka, CA

Sacred Nights of Winter Journal Testimonial Helene Macdonald"Your Sacred Nights of Winter journal contains a wealth of ideas and guidelines. It’s an excellent resource that will serve me for many years to come.”

~ Helene Macdonald - Boulder, CO

Sacred Nights of Winter Testimonial Lucky Paul

"I find your Sacred Nights of Winter Journal to be quite noble and inspiring. Beautifully written!"

~ Lacquanna Paul - Kinsau, Germany

Sacred Nights of Winter Testimonial Jen Towle; Enjoying the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal“I just wanted you to know how much my husband and I are enjoying the Sacred Nights of Winter journal, and the peaceful and clear work that we’re doing with it!”

~ Jennifer Towle, Boulder, CO

Sacred Nights of Winter Journal Testimonial Pam D, BC Canada"I feel the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal made the holiday time go slower since I was so present with it. I was really able to concentrate on connecting, not only with my Higher Self, but my family as well."

~ Pam D. - Fort St. John, BC Canada

Sacred Nights of Winter Journal Testimonial Heather B"Journaling in these Sacred Nights has been a profound experience of deeply connecting with my Soul and stepping into my journey with a renewed sense of inner harmony and strength of heart. Kim's coaching and commitment to provide this rich journaling experience are what I see more of each year at this time."

~ Heather B. - Boulder, CO

"The Sacred Nights of Winter Journal is such a blessing...such a beautiful, beautiful gift!"

"The Sacred Nights of Winter Journal was one of the most impactful and life-changing journeys I've ever undertaken. I had no idea what to expect, but each day opened my eyes to something I'd never known or experienced before."

~ Ash-lee Jeanne - Fort Collins, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the journal for?

The Sacred Nights of Winter journal is for anyone longing to connect more deeply with who they really are and what they really want. It is for those:

  • Longing to deepen their connection to the Great Mystery and the light of Spirit
  • Going through a significant transition, and seeking to orient themselves
  • Experiencing what feels like a “dark night of the soul” and longing for solace
  • Doing well, yet still longing to discover or explore their deeper purpose
  • Wanting to slow down and create space for self-care and nurturing during the holiday season
  • Wondering how to be more in charge of their own life
  • Seeking to grow and evolve on their life’s path
  • Wanting to deepen their understanding of how they fit into the big cosmic picture
  • Interested in exploring diversity in spiritual perspectives, beyond the dogma of organized religion or philosophies
  • Ready to connect more deeply with Nature and the Sacred Feminine
  • Ready to connect more deeply with and come home to themselves
What makes this journal so special?

There are many journals in print, but I don’t know of any that help you to align with your own Inner Wisdom such that you not only connect with and nurture the Spirit Seed birthing within you, but also create a prophetic guidebook to support you in the new year as you tend that seed to bear fruit.

This particular journal, in combination with this particular time of year is a pairing that fully connects with the potency and magic of the Sacred Nights of Winter so your Soul can receive the guidance available to it.

There's no other transformative journal or journey like it!

Are there instructions as to how to work with the journal?

Yes. You’ll be given detailed guidance as to how to work with the journal so that you can get the most out of it.

Plus, there's a private Sacred Nights of Winter Circle included with your journal, a private (off-of-social-media) community of others on the journey through the Sacred Nights where you can ask questions, share your experiences and receive added support and guidance through the Sacred Nights of Winter.

How can I work with the digital download of the journal most effectively?

While it's great to have a printed hard copy delivered to you to stay off screens, a digital download of the journal is a great option to save on shipping and printing.

Many tablet devices, such as an iPad, android tablet, or a ReMarkable, allow for you to work with pdf files using a stylus to write on them and save your work within the pdf. I think this is a wonderful way to work without having to print your journal. You can turn all else off and work offline so you're not distracted, and the journal becomes quite portable and accessible throughout the Sacred Nights and in the new year. 

Of course you can also print your journal if you wish. You'll be given permission to do so with your order so your printer knows they can print a copy for you, even with the copyright.  It's relatively easy to have the journal printed at places like Staples or FedEx Office with the permissions and instructions you'll be given. 

Can I use my journal anytime in the year?

While the journal is designed to be worked with during the 13 Sacred Nights of Winter from December 24 to January 6, each night of the Sacred Nights is associated with a month in the year.

I've known many people who chose to work with their journal during the year, journaling for each "night" during the associated month in the year. Some also add to their journaling through the year, and use the journaling prompts and inspiration to deepen into their inner work throughout the year.

There is also a summary page for each night you work with the journal, which I encourage you to leave open on an altar or in another visible place for you to refer to during each month of the year that it's connected with.

Your nightly journaling will provide amazing guidance and support to you during the new year. The key is to take the time to refer to it each month and see what might be there for you.

How soon will I receive my journal?

Journals will begin shipping mid to late November in the order in which pre-orders were received. In the U.S. your journals should come within a week or so of the ship date. Internationally, it may take longer.

Please order your journals as soon as possible to ensure the quickest shipment to you. In the U.S. you may order as late as Dec 15th and likely still receive your journal in time for Dec 24th, but I don't recommend waiting, as there are no guarantees with the USPS.

Shipping for the journals is now free in the U.S., with an additional flat fee added to help cover the high international shipping fees.  Order before October 31st for the best pricing!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  There's an added fee of $15 for international shipping, and there's always the risk of not receiving your journal in time due to shipping delays and general challenges with the global struggles of today.

However, I always do my best to ship the international orders first, and most people have received theirs in time unless they ordered very late. If you want a hard copy shipped internationally, order as early as possible! 

You can also order the downloadable version, which is a great option to avoid the high shipping costs. Many enjoy sitting with their own blank journal while having the downloadable journal nearby on a mobile device to look at the journaling prompts.  

Will the journal be good for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere where it's not Winter, but Summer?

I too have wondered how to work with this challenge of my Southern Hemisphere friends. I’m a big believer that while the northern hemisphere is holding the in-breath for the Earth, the southern hemisphere holds the out-breath, and vice versa during the Sacred Nights. Yet the southern hemisphere still celebrates Christmas and a Solstice event in December.

I think that this question is truly within your own heart. What is your soul longing for? Do you feel called to turn inward during the Christmas or Solstice holiday? Or do you find that you cannot connect with your inner life as well during this time, and need to go there more during your Winter Solstice?

I do find that the journaling process is a wonderful beginning to the new year. The sun is still in the same constellation each month, whether in the Northern or Southern hemispheres. For these reasons, if your Spirit and Soul are calling you, I feel that the work with the journal can still be quite potent for preparing for the new year and for connecting to the inner birth.

If you find that with living in the Southern Hemisphere, you truly feel your inner birthing time to be in your winter, I also believe that you could work with the journal around your Winter Solstice instead. You might choose to work with the journal pages, which include working with the zodiacal virtues (sidereally), in the order in which they would correlate to the traveling of the sun through the zodiac after your Winter Solstice. For instance, we would begin in the constellation of Capricorn in January, with the virtue of Courage, while you could begin in the constellation of Cancer in July with the virtue of Selflessness. However, I also think that if you worked with the pages in the same order that we do, your soul will still connect with the path of the journey, as it is not linear, and thus not specific to location in any way either.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough of a following in the Southern Hemisphere to make creating a separate journal very practical. Yet, I would believe that using this same journal in June to go deep during your Sacred Nights of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere would have the same impact. I also believe that if your Soul is calling you to the journal during Christmas, even if it's your Summer Solstice, then this is what is your true guide. Others in the Southern Hemisphere have found the journal supportive.

Tune into your inner wisdom and see what it is saying to you, for you. 

Can I get a refund on my journal if I don't like it?

Due to the seasonal nature of the journal and the uniqueness of the journal each year, refunds are not offered.

However, I’m confident that if you receive your journal and don’t feel you wish to work with it, someone else would love to receive it as a gift.

Can I get a discount for ordering multiple journals?

Yes!  Please enter the following coupon codes for multiple journals:

For 10% off of 3-4 journals: 10OFF
For 15% off of 5-9 journals: 15OFF
For 20% off of 10 or more journals: 20OFF

Coupons cannot be used during the pre-order discount time up to October 31st, as the journals are already discounted over 20% during that time. 

Coupon codes may not be combined, and journals cannot be shipped to different addresses.

Is there an opportunity to continue this deep work after the Sacred Nights of Winter?


Your journal will have pages in it sharing how you can continue awakening your Inner Wisdom and consciously embarking on your Soul's journey throughout the entire course of the year, including information about my Solace program to connect with others also striving on the path to wisdom.

About the Author, Kim Marie:

Smiling with Holle by the Fire 92sm

Kim Marie is a Transformational Women's Empowerment Coach supporting women to awaken their Inner Wisdom and transform their lives.

Kim has been working with the Sacred Nights of Winter in one form or another since she was a child, always feeling the potency of this time of year, and holding it as sacred.

Eighteen years ago, she discovered the life-altering benefits of journaling during this time, and believes that consciously working with the Sacred Nights of Winter is one of the most impactful practices one can take up to satisfy the hunger in their Soul and effectively align with their path of destiny.

Through her powerful coaching and mentoring, programs, courses, and retreats, as well as her group membership, Solace, Kim supports women to remember who they are, reconnect to what matters most, and rebirth themselves into the life of freedom they envision.

Step into the enchanting embrace of Winter's transformational wisdom with the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal.

This journal is more than just a purchase; it's an investment in your own growth, empowerment, and self-discovery. It's a pledge to reconnect with the magic of life and honor your Soul's deepest longings.

Let this Winter be the season you flourish, the season you align with the wisdom of Nature, the season you come home to your Self.

Your journey begins now!

Sacred Nights of Winter Journal - Living Aligned with Nature; Holiday Journal; Holy Nights Journal; Christmas Journal; Spiral Bound Sacred Nights of Winter Journal with pinecone held in hands on the cover

Yes, please send me a Sacred Nights of Winter Journal!

Order before October 31st for Pre-Order Pricing

Note: Journals will begin shipping by mid November and will ship in the order in which orders are received.

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