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Mapping Your Sacred Year


What if you could plan your year based on inspired intentions that feel aligned with your Soul & Nature's rhythm?

We know of the importance of goal setting.
We know of the importance of sticking to a plan.
But how often are those goals and plans truly aligned with our Soul and the rhythm of the year?

Sometimes we
just need a map.

We don’t have to fly by the seat of our pants, navigate blindly, or stress over whether or not we’re on the right path.

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Note: In this course, we’ll refer to the Sacred Nights of Winter journal, and all that the Sacred Nights journey brings to us for the coming year. However, you’ll still get a lot out of this course even if you didn’t work with the journal.

Over 2 recorded video sessions, we’ll learn how to map our
sacred year, and refine it to put into action.

In Session 1, we’ll:

  • Explore the importance of including the wisdom of your Soul in our yearly intentions
  • Begin to map out intentions based on the rhythm of Nature’s cycles
  • Include cosmic/zodiacal influences and support to remind us of what is available to us naturally through the year
  • Determine your unique intentions and vision to refine your map

In Session 2, we’ll:

  • Refine our maps through group wisdom and sharing
  • Explore various ways to use our map through the year
  • Proactively consider how the map might require some redefining through the year
  • Explore how to meet obstacles on our path, using our map to help us navigate life’s challenges

As a participant in this course, you’ll get access to the online learning area where you’ll receive a link to access the learning sessions. You’ll have lifetime access to the video recordings and downloadable guides to help you continue mapping your sacred year and navigating it effectively.

Join me for this 2 session online pre-recorded course, with a 1.25-hour session for each session.

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About Your Instructor

I’m Kim Marie, and for over a decade, I’ve been supporting people to awaken the Inner Wisdom that allows for a life aligned with full potential and peace.

My passion for transformational learning and development is expressed through a unique blend of archetypal wisdom, character strengths, esoteric and indigenous wisdom, and habit breaking programs that empower individuals to break the chains of old patterns and conditioning, and become not only their best Selves, but also effective leaders. They also become true Self-Leaders, confident in who they are, committed to what they value, and able to create meaningful change.

My own journey to effectiveness is filled with years of trial and error as I navigated divorce, health challenges, and single parenthood while building my business. I’m so excited to share this learning with you!

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Are you ready to map your sacred year?

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