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Let's Find the Empowered Woman Within You!

Would you like someone to walk beside you?

“It would be so great to have someone I could talk to every week, sharing whatever’s top of mind that I might be struggling with or need guidance around, like a mentor for life and all its challenges to navigate through.”

This statement, which I hear regularly in various forms, is the inspiration for my coaching/mentoring options. With regular coaching and mentoring, you’ll get:

  • Personalized support around exactly what you’re struggling most with each week/month
  • Attentive listening and a space to feel safe, supported and nurtured through life's trials
  • Creative and effective tools to help you navigate challenges, find your middle way, and stay true to yourself
  • Support in designing practices that help you break old detrimental patterns and create new supportive patterns
  • Time to brainstorm or work through things in real time to help you get things done
  • Guidance, encouragement and support that helps you build confidence and trust your inner wisdom
  • A true partner who's in your corner, believing in you and your inner wisdom every step of the way

I'll walk beside you and help you align with and stay true to who you are, and what you're here to do. While coaching is about supporting you to move forward in your life, I make sure that you're moving forward with a sense of peace, purpose and wholeness within you. I think all coaching needs to be spiritual coaching if we're going to truly feel empowered!

Choose from 3 levels for your personal coaching monthly subscription:

My coaching and mentoring is completely customized to you, and finding your uniquely empowered woman within. At the same time, I understand that without some kind of "package description," it’s not always easy to understand what you’re getting, if coaching/mentoring is the right fit, or even to be clear on what you need most.

Take a look below at some of the most common topics my coaching sessions address, and see which area you could use the most support with. We can work together in one or more of them!

Then schedule a complimentary exploratory conversation and we'll talk more specifically about what a mentoring/coaching relationship will look like for you.

Which focus areas could you use the most support with right now?


You’re tired of feeling out of sync with who you really are. You see how often you’ve betrayed yourself, neglected to set clear boundaries, and forgotten what matters most to you. You’re ready to come home to yourself and live more authentically aligned with your Soul’s truth. This focus will help you:

  • Remember who you are, connecting to the roots of your being
  • Trust in yourself more as you awaken to the wisdom within that's been waiting for your attention
  • Reconnect to your values and purpose, creating a stable foundation for your life
  • Learn to meet life’s obstacles with grace and flow in greater alignment with what matters most to you
  • Re-envision what you want to create for yourself from that place of deeper remembering and reconnection to who you are
  • Learn to surf the waves of overwhelm and stress, and close the gap between the life you’re currently living and the life you envision for yourself
  • Rebirth yourself into your new vision, coming home to yourself and continuing the cycle of deepening embodiment of the essence of you
  • More confidently share your unique gifts and essence with others


The most effective leader in today’s world is YOU. With a lack of faith in outer leadership, we're being asked to learn to become effective self-leaders. Whether you’re in a leadership role, such as an entrepreneur, executive, manager, or parent, or longing to feel more inner sovereignty, working to master self-leadership helps you to:

  • Learn critical elements of leadership such as communication, resilience, trust, dealing with conflict, and tuning into your inner leadership wisdom
  • Understand the challenges & opportunities before you, & meet them effectively
  • Turn your wounds & experiences into potent guidance to move forward
  • Cultivate confidence in your experience and capacity to lead effectively
  • Learn to navigate the extremes, finding a middle way that feels stable & strong
  • Find empowerment in your leadership while learning to empower others
  • Set and hold clearer boundaries
  • Move from feeling dissatisfied to feeling more fulfilled and joyful
  • Gain tools for being more effective and respected in your role as a leader
  • Navigate the unknown with peace, confidence, and equanimity
  • Understand how the qualities of the masculine & the feminine impact leadership
  • Gain clarity about who you are, what you value and how to make wise decisions


Do you have lots of great ideas for your business, but aren’t sure how to organize and implement them? Perhaps you want to bring your work online after being more locally based, or maybe you just want a place to let go and be nurtured to help balance the demanding work of entrepreneurship. This might be for you if you’re a business owner and you’d like some hand holding to help you:

  • Become more visible, clarifying and sharing your message more easily
  • Sort through the ideas you have & get clear on what'll generate income
  • Get clearer on what your potential clients need & want so you can serve them most effectively
  • Create operating systems that make you more efficient
  • Explore various ways you can have a presence to share your work
  • Get the encouragement and accountability you need to stay on track and grow your business into something you feel fulfilled by
  • Receive encouragement and nurturing support to stay balanced in your life and be sure you’re bringing your best Self to the table


Taking Care of What You Care About

Need someone to help you stay accountable and be more effective in reaching your goals? Maybe you aren’t even sure which goals to prioritize, and need help aligning with what matters most. This is for you if you have one or more projects/goals you’ve set your sights on accomplishing, and you:

  • Want help prioritizing what’s most important
  • Want to see yourself at your goal date having manifested your vision
  • Aren’t sure how to create time in your day to actually make progress
  • Could use someone to hold you accountable to stay on task
  • Need help sorting out the steps to get from where you are to where you want to go, breaking them down into manageable tasks
  • Want someone to brainstorm with and help you see things more clearly
  • Are interested in tools and methods that will help you along the way
  • Would love to have a system that works for you to get things done, even in the midst of “all the things” that tend to overwhelm you


Presence, not Perfection

Struggling with how to communicate with your kids, trying to do “all the things,” and longing to be sure you’re a great role model for them? Wishing you could feel in flow with your partner around parenting and household consistency? This is for you if you’re in the thick of the parenting journey, and you:

  • Could use someone to encourage you and help you stay in the beauty of being a parent, rather than get bowled over by the day-to-day overwhelm
  • Love learning more about stages of human/child development and how they can help you parent more effectively
  • Want to explore creative and effective ways to prepare your child for life
  • Need to find more balance between meeting the needs of your family and meeting your own needs, without feeling guilty
  • Are ready to let go of trying to be the “perfect parent,” and simply work to do the best you can while knowing that’s enough
  • Want more effective communication to mitigate misunderstandings
  • Want to feel seen, heard & supported in your efforts as a parent and/or partner


You have a connection with Spirit, but you’re not sure how to sustain that connection in everyday life. Maybe you want to embody your understanding more, or perhaps you're interested in Spirituality, longing to connect to “something bigger,” but don’t really like what’s out there. You’d rather honor Spirit in your own way, and would like help determining what that is and how it can be effective for you. Practical spirituality coaching helps you to:

  • Explore what Spirit means to you, and why a connection feels important
  • Connect more deeply to the essence of Spirit/Source/Divinity within you
  • Develop practices that help you stay connected
  • Learn how elements of everyday living, the joys and the sorrows, the triumphs and defeats, the ease and the obstacles, can all become allies on your path through life
  • Find ways to bring Spirit more deeply into your day-to-day in ways that relieve stress, quiet the mind, allow for stillness and rejuvenation, and ultimately support you to operate from your highest potential
  • Confidently trust yourself and your inner wisdom, becoming a vessel for Spirit to express through you
  • Meet life’s challenges with greater ease and peace


Nourishment for Mind, Body & Soul

Have you consistently felt exhausted and wish you could get your mojo back? Do you keep trying to break habits you know aren’t good for you, but struggle? Nourishment is about so much more than food and habits, and is key to feeling energized and happy. Maybe you wish you had someone to offer new ideas that align with your unique needs and help you stay on track, because, let’s face it, this is not easy to do alone. With a focus on energy and nourishment, you’ll:

  • Explore what is and is not nourishing you in your life
  • Learn about insidious ways our food and environment are draining us, and how to stay well nourished and vital in spite of these
  • Receive suggestions and ideas for improving your sense of wellness and vitality on all levels of your being
  • Develop a customized plan for nourishing yourself holistically and consistently
  • Experience more energy and vitality
  • Experience more balanced emotions
  • Feel more connected with your body, life, and True Self
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My mentoring and coaching are holistic, honoring the fact that nothing happens in isolation.

Most of us have challenges in more than just one area of our life.

Seeing the big picture, connecting the dots, and walking beside you to find your fulfilling and joyful empowerment is my passion.

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