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Getting Out of Our Own Way

This month, during the time between mid July and mid August when the sun is passing through the constellation of Capricorn (according to the Sidereal...
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Finding Our Way

As we step out of “pandemania,” a term coined by Charles Eisenstein, many of us are wondering, “What’s next?”  We might be wondering what’s next...
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Romancing Nature

Romancing Nature Her wrath is ferocious.Her love and sustenance unconditional.She is decisive, knowing exactly Her needs, and perseveres to ensure they’re met.She is predictable, yet...
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Slow Release Medicine for Sustainable Results

   Upon reading The Kingdom Is Asleep: Stories and Spells by Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies, I had a few “aha” moments around my...
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Escaping or Recalibrating

Seeing In the Dark I just returned from hosting my first ever Women’s Nature Retreat in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. While this was the...
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There’s Beauty In The Mess

As the world around us seems to unravel and come apart at the seams, what are we to do to find peace? Stop Stuffing the...
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The Many Faces of Support

Do you ever feel unsupported? I sure have. In fact, for years my story was that I had no support.  Many women feel unsupported, as...
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Reconciling Polarities

The Pain of Separation One of the most challenging things we’re faced with as human beings is the reconciliation of polarities.  The material world is...
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Two Words that Keep Us From Our Dreams

We all have dreams…visions, goals, aspirations we hope to someday achieve or experience. We also have that voice that says, “I just don’t get it....
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The Magic of the Unknown

Sitting in the middle of unknown territory generates tremendous anxiety for many. What’s unfamiliar, unseen, not understood, or unknown often sends us running back to...
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The Promise of Imbolc

Possible or Impossible? One minute, we’re buzzing with hope. The next minute, things seem so unclear, confusing and uncomfortable.  This is the inner tug-of-war that...
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What Is Leadership?

This is an incredibly challenging and yet incredibly potent question for us to be asking.  We’re living in times that are so full of uncertainty,...
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